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CARLA MONTRUCCHIO, itaalia keele õpetaja inglise keele baasil / teacher of Italina on the basis of English

Ciao! My name is Carla Montrucchio and I am italian. I was born in Turin in 1990 and I have been studying the Italian language, linguistic and literature. I am very passionate about teaching Italian as second language, which is my specialization, and I have been teaching Italian as SL in Italy and in Estonia. I am currently working at Tallinn University as Italian language teacher and Italian language assistant. Starting from 2016 I am also part of the Tallinna Keeltekool team - I teach Italian and conduct English conversation classes here.
I am teaching Italian on the basis of English language, but the main language we are using in class will be Italian, starting from the very beginning!
As a teacher, I support my students, answering their questions and their needs, teaching the “real” language, the spoken one, to give them the chance to travel or just to feel independent and confident users of this beautiful language!


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