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TURGUT CAN DEMIRAL, türgi keele õpetaja inglise keele baasil

I graduated in the first place from the International Relations and European Union Studies of the Izmir University of Economics in Izmir, Turkey in 2012. Then I did my master’s degree in the International Relations program at the Tallinn University (TLÜ) in Estonia. I also studied Estonian language and worked at the Estonian Atlantic Treaty Association (Eesti NATO Ühing). Besides, I have taught Turkish to foreigners on the basis of one-to-one lessons, plus given several Turkish language, culture and history seminars to foreigners with the support of Turcology department at TLÜ and the Turkish Embassy in Tallinn. In Turkey, I teach English to Turkish people as well.

For me, teaching is a passion and the most efficient way of teaching depends on mutual understanding, establishing empathy and developing an effective communication. This would ultimately lead to an effective exchange of cultural networks and worldviews in the foreign language teaching methods I have as well. I believe it is a process of cultural perception and interaction as well as the key to ultimate success in having foreign language skills.

As a teacher, I have always tended to establish an effective communication with students by focusing on their needs, goals as well as by making the lessons an interactive, social and entertaining thinking platform for them. It is called ‘leading in learning’ method, it not only relies on teaching sources but also on mutual reasoning explications.


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